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  Peecycler 2/7/5 gal
Bucket Fertilizer Kit
Bucket Fertilizer Machine 2/7 gal

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Cost $269.00
Savings: $30.00

Product Code: BFM-027

The Peecycler™ turns urine into a plant-ready liquid fertilizer 24/7! And saves a lot of water from toilet flushing!

Through a process of aeration, mixing and biological filtration the Pecycler™ removes the ammonia along with its odor and turns it into nitrate. In addition to providing a plant ready nitrogen, urine contains an abundance of minerals and elements that closely resemble the identical needs of house and garden plants.

Place the Peecycler™ in a private area on the patio or in the garden. After a few simple attachments are made and water and the filtration media have been added the system is ready to go.

How it works:

A smaller bucket sets on top of the lower and functions as a vortex aeration and mixing bucket. It is our mini Bucket Vortex Aerator™. After about 5-10 liters of urine have been added over 1-2 weeks the liquid will be ready to apply on plants.

Is it safe? Any odor?

There is no smell when urine is put in at the rate recommended in the included instructions pamphlet. Hygenic precautions should be taken when handling urine. It is not advised to handle others urine unless one is clear about any serious disease condition. Urine treated in this way may be used vegetable garden when proper handling protocols are observed. We provide link to the Stockholm Environmental Institute Ec oSans division for a lengthy publication handling urine with agriculture.

Use as a garden or bioponics fertilizer:

Once activated, the Garden Bucket Peecycler™ will process up to 1/3 of a average adults urine per day. Diluted, the nitrified liquid fertilizer may be applied
to hydropnics, aquaponics, bionics and in ground plant beds.

Environmentally wise, economically sound:

This is a concept that eliminates the need to flush urine down the toilet!
It provides free fertilizer with high ammonia, plus minerals and trace elements.

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