1. Tomatoes tell it all.

    A good performance test for plant fertility and growing conditions is how good are your tomatoes. This outdoor soilless Biogarden gives excellent results.

  2. Bucket Vortex Aerator.

    One of the most important issues with growing fish and plants using organic biomass is aeration. Find out why the Vortex Aerator provides more oxygen using less energy than common air diffusers and venturi valves.

  3. The most practical way to organically fertilize plants ever developed.

    Instead of labor intensive dry composting, try submerging green biomass in water to make a Fertilizer Tea. Anaerobes convert waste in a fraction of the time and a healthy food web finished the job within the grow beds.

  4. The three level Bio-Incubator is versatile and easy to operate.

    This vertical garden supports aquaponics, deep water raft culture and flood and drain biofiltration. You'll grow plenty of plants and fish in a small area with the Bio-Incubator.

  5. Reduce fish dependency through bioponics and become more successful with commercial aquaponics.

    There is no room for inefficiency in the commercial greenhouse. Close the loop on sustainable farming by recycling water, waste and minimizing energy and labor.

Bioponica is the foremost pioneer in the sustainable farming process of "bioponics. This soilless farming technique is similar to aquaponics and hydroponics yet it offers advantages. The techniques are similar including flood and drain grow beds and deep water raft culture. Bioponics also supports raising fish as with aquaponics. "

The primary differences are that there are no chemical fertilizers allowed as with hydrponics. And fish are not required as with aquaponics. By closing the loop on sustainable farming, Bioponica intends to teach the next generation of farmers and gardeners how to grow more efficiently and meanwhile do greater service to the community and the environment.

Box Car Biogarden™

Bringing automated, low labor growing systems
to off the grid homesteaders and lifting folks
from poverty in developing countries.

Bioponica is developing systems for sustainable farming that are shipable in boxcar containers.

These systems are designed to support micro-frachise and micro-finance entities in Haiti, along the Gulf coast and other locations around the world.

The objective is to support growers with more than simply a growing system. Many don't have access to power, water services and good roads. However, there is interest in jobs, organic food and vertical integration of retail and food processing in order to increase the value of the farmers product, in order to make growing profitable.

The Box Car Biogarden is available as a franchise model, supported by Bioponica with resources and education as well as non-franchise model for growers who have the necessary resources at their disposal.

Bucket Vortex™ Systems

Aeration is critical to aquaponics and hydroponics growing.

Fish in ponds, nutrient tanks and aquaponic settings require oxygen to facilitate biological and biochemical processes.

Bioponica developed the Bucket Vortex Aerator to utilizes natural forces to decompose suspended and dissolved solids that deprive plant roots of oxygen. It does this through properties of cavitation, implosion and super-oxygenation.

The Bucket Vortex Aerator was inspired by the work of Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger. He recognized the vortex properties of water as they exist in the river are capable of purifying water. Further research has shown that there is a characteristic dispersion of minerals and nutrients in water once they pass through the vortex. These electromagnetic characteristics improve the ability of plants and aquatic organisms to take up nutrients more effectively. The results in plant growth and fish health are remarkable.

The Bucket Fertilizer Kit utilizes the Vortex Aerator to convert household discards and yard trimmings into an organic fertilizer on a continuously, 24/7.

Primordial Soup™ Fertilizer Tea Blends

Say 'goodbye' to manufactured fertilizers and
labor intensive composting.

Primordial Soup fertilizers are made up of dehydrated green biomass blended to create an NPK balance to satisfy the needs of plant and grower.

These 100% organic bio-based fertilizer tea blends all contain a comprehensive array of trace minerals, vitamins and plant growth factors.

Choose from three organic NPK fertilizer formulas or if you are growing for a larger area, let us customize a blend and deliver to your greenhouse, warehouse or garden in a 55 gallon drum or super sack.

The Worm Farm and Castings Tea Brewer

Worms don't let valuable resources go to "waste."
Raising earthworms is good practice for the sustainable farmer. At no energy or labor cost to the farmer, they happily reduce cellulose, food discards and the residual product from nutrient tea extractions.

The worm farm is a durable raised bed earthworm farm for recycling waste into a high value product that may be sold or used on site as a soil amendment or as feed for fish and chickens.

The option for tank below the waist high beds gives growers an opportunity to simultaneously create unlimited amount of worm casting tea as a soil conditioner.

Recycle your own green discards and grass clippings and enjoy knowing your plants are growing organically from a waste-resource that have never before so appreciated.

Bucket Vortex Aerator 5 gallon Worm Farming System 6 SF with 30 gallon tank
The bucket vortex aerator will oxygenate a 100-200 gallon tank and thoroughly mix and reduce dissolved solids. This Worm Farm produces 205 lbs of earthworms and 660 Lbs of worm castings yearly. It brews thousands of gallons of plant beneficial worm casting teas. This biomass recycling system will produce 420 gallons of organic plant nutrients every 3-4 days.
Bucket Fertilizer Kit Primordial Soup Fertilizer Tea All Purpose Blend
This household urine recycling system converts 3-5 liters of human urine to a high nitrate low ammonia liquid nutrient plant fertilizer in 7 days. Food Plant concept proposed as possible rooftop garden with greenhouse, aquaponics grow systems, cafe juice bar and retail store.
This organic plant fertilizer has an NPK value of 2:2:2 and may be used to grow plants and nourish a fish pond.