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Bucket Fertilizer Machine converts green biomass into organic liquid fertilizer.

The properties of the vortex mimics the water turbulence of a river that is both purifying and oxygenating.

To make liquid fertilizer from the Bucket Vortex System place the Vortex Aerator on top of the Bucket Biofilter. This may be set upon a 55 gallon barrel or at a level above any water reservoir.

The Fermentation Bucket is used as an extraction vessel. Biomass placed in the Tea Bag is decomposed quickly (much more quickly and efficiently than composting organic matter.

  • Bucket Vortex Fertilizer Machine - Household Model 2/7/5 – This Mini Liquid Fertilizer Machine includes a 2 gallon vortex and a 7 gallon Biofiltration bucket, plus a 5 gallon Fermentation Bucket.
  • Bucket Vortex Fertilizer Machine - The Garden Model 5/5/5 – This 3 bucket system includes a 5 gallon Bucket Vortex Aerator, 5 gallon Biofilter and 5 gallon Fermentation bucket. With this Bucket Vortex Fertilizer Machine, gardeners can produce process up to 55 gallons of organic, liquid fertilizer per week.
  • Bucket Vortex Aerator – The 2 gallon or 5 gallon Vortex Aerator provides benefit of intensive aeration and mixing of nutrients. The Vortex Aerator eliminates need for bubble aerators.
  • Bucket Biofilter – The 5 gallon biofilter supports either the 2 or 5 gallon Bucket Vortex Aerator. Use larger for larger water bodies with high effluent or nutrient sources.
  • Fermentation Bucket - Use this to speed up the decay of kitchen and lawn discards used for providing nutrients to your growing beds or fish tank. For a more exact NPK value try our Primordial Soup Teas, blends of dehydrated biomass to give plants exactly what they need.

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Fermentation Bucket with Pour Top and Tea Bag
Cost $31.00
Savings: $3.95
Fermentation Bucket
Bucket Water Purifier 5 gal
Cost $45.00
Savings: $4.95
Bucket Biofilter for Solids and Ammonia Removal 5 gallon
Bucket Vortex Aerator 2 gal
Cost $125.00
Savings: $14.00
Bucket Vortex Aerator 2 gallon
Bucket Vortex Aerator 5 gal
Cost $179.00
Savings: $20.00
Bucket Vortex Aerator 5 gallon
Peecycler 2/7/5 gal
Cost $269.00
Savings: $30.00
Bucket Fertilizer Kit
Bucket Fertilizer Kit 5/5/5
Cost $314.00
Savings: $35.00
Bucket Vortex plus Biofilter and Extraction Pale - 3 x 5 gallon Pales
Bucket Vortex Technologies