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Primordial Soup Fertilizers are inexpensive organic dry teas, developed for soilless hydroponics, aquaponics, bioponics and soil-based farming.

The organic fertilizer blends are available in three NPK values addressing the needs of most gardeners. For larger clients, custom blends are available.

Our biomass teas are comprised of natural ingredients with a rich composition of nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, growth hormones, vitamins and minerals that nourish the soil rhizosphere and root zone environment hosting plant beneficial microorganism. The dry teas may be applied directly to the soil. With soilless or preparation of liquid fertilizers use the Bucket Vortex System and or the Liquid Fertilizer Machine for
carbon and ammonia removal.

The liquid from the Primordial Soups may be applied with minimal clarifation as an organic liquid slurry. It is coliform free, derived from green not black manures. This liquid foliar spray and soil feed is well suited for use in community parks, urban farms, greenhouses and with micro irrigation systems. It may also be used to fertilizer fish ponds.

Waste is one of societies greatest problems, but only because we throw it away, otherwise it is a resource. Primordial Soup teas and feeds are derived from common organic biomass and other abundantly available organic waste-resources. As farmers become more connected to the integrity of the soil focus on nourishing soil and grow bed microorganisms plats will grow healthier and remain disease resistant. With innovative methods of fertilizer production and natural resources for nutrients, it is possible to eliminate redundant farm labor and live more sustainably around the farm.

Feed the microbes and maintain a healthy rizosphere for the plant roots. The plants will respond accordingly. We provide application rates for our biomass Primordial Soup Fertilizer teas but don't take our word for it.Test regularly your plant leaf and fruit nutrient levels with Brix and Refraction measuring devices. Then step back and let nature do its thing without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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Primordial Soup Tea Bags - Medium Primordial Soup Tea - All Purpose Promordial Soup Tea - Green Up
Cost $22.00
Savings: $2.95
Cost $58.00
Savings: $6.95
Cost $58.00
Savings: $6.95
12x12 Tea Bag Medium Mesh Primordial Soup Fertilizer Tea All Purpose Blend Primordial Soup Fertilizer Tea Green Up Blend
A submersible Tea Bag for decomposing biomass solids to produce liquid nutrients fertilizer and liquid fish feed. This organic plant fertilizer has an NPK value of 2:2:2 and may be used to grow plants and nourish a fish pond. This organic plant fertilizer has an NPK value of 4:1:2 and may be used to grow plants and nourish a fish pond.
Primordial Soup Tea - Buds & Flowers
Cost $67.00
Savings: $7.95
Primordial Soup Fertilizer Tea Fruiting Blend
This organic plant fertilizer has an NPK value of 0:5:4 and may be used to grow plants and nourish a fish pond.