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The features and benefits of hydroponics includes steady nutrient delivery, continuous hydration and greater yield. Bioponica takes that one step further with Boxcar Farms™. These fully outfitted growing operations give smallholder farmers a leg up on the competition.

The technology of greenhouse hydroponics has increased yield and profits through greater environmental control and mechanization. Temperature and light regulation, recirculating nutrient rich water and minimized weeds, infestations and labor all but assures more intensive yield. Yet most hydroponic systems are not adapted to small scale farming. Plus it is capital intensive and creates few jobs. Hydroponics also requires an experienced operator and a skillset that is hard to find and costly even in more developed countries.

With an business model that ensures success, Bioponica advances technology to the most undeserved by lowering the overhead and improving the marketability of product through vertical farming and vertical integration of product sales that reduces loss and increases profits.

While it shares a lot of features of hydroponics, bioponics is a more sustainable method of farming. That's because it is developed to make greater use of natural resources, eliminating all need for off-site water services and petrol derived and delivered fertilizers. Bioponics is a simplifed process of organic farming that minimizes labor, overhead costs, and allows for growing both indoors and outdoors. And by outfitting shipping containers with tools such as kitchens, processing equipment, storage, germination rooms and even housing and office space, smallholder farms can more easily compete in the open markets. Boxcar Farms create an opportunity for growers to improve their product shelf life and add value through processing and retail sales. Through a model that reduces risk to the farmer and improves profits, finance agencies and policymakers are better prepared to facilitate the small farm enterprise with the necessary funds and access.