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Growing duckweed for fish, birds and livestock in the Duck Weed Farm, is an ideal means for producing feed from recycled on-site waste resources, rich in nutrients with no input costs.

By submerging fresh green biomass or even human urine into the Duck Weed Farm, a steady supply of nutritious animal feed can be supplied daily.

  • Duckweed is one of most nutrient rich plants in the world. It is a superfood, making it a valuable remedy for malnourishment and protein deficiency.
  • It has an amino acid profile that looks more like animal meat than any other protein besides soybean.
  • This smallest known flowering plant grows 10x as much protein per square foot as does soybean plant.
  • Duckweed requires no processing to be consumed by animals.
  • This floating plant, bears only 2 leaves and one or two roots and is believed to be the smallest known flowering plant.
  • Duckweed has been found growing in all parts of the world including regions as inhospitable as the antarctic.
  • It holds great promise in biofuel technology as it is an rapidly growing, easily harvested biomass that has a high ethanol output potential.
  • Humans eat it in countries like Burma and Thailand.
Duckweed can be dehydrated, pelletized and stored as a livestock feed.
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Weed Farm Dual 20'
Cost $5,490.00
Savings: $610.00

This duckweed farm has a surface area of 240 square feet and will produce 6510 lbs of fresh duckweed per year.