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Bioponica is developing a series of commercial aquaponics systems that utilize our bioponic method of recycling waste and water to create the most efficient gardening concept available.

The Boxcar Biogarden™ is one arrangement where our approach to sustainable commercial aquaponics has versatility for many conditions, environments and growing needs.

There are several configurations offered by Bioponica that makes the Boxcar system practical for growers who wish to grow off the grid or else need a complete system that utilizes the most progressive elements of sustainability:

  • Rainwater harvesting and storage
  • Solar water heat and solar PV panels
  • Liquid Fertilizer from organic site derived biomass (and even human urine)
  • Food processing for improved shelf life
  • Living compartment with bed, closet and bathroom
  • Secure interior storage and fencing
  • Water recirculation, biofiltration and utilities integration.

The Boxcar Biogarden is packed and prepared at our facility in Atlanta for shipping by rail and oceanliner all over the world. Consider this if you are a grower or wish to be a grower in a remote environment with need for low labor, low energy use and high yield of organic fish and or produce. Ideal for use with:

  • Emerging countries with poor infrastructure
  • Refugee and disaster crisis areas with few resources, in need of "pop up" farming and quick turnaround
  • Medical marijuana growers who wish to grow organic and make use of outdoor growing or else use our indoor configuration with 150% space utilization.
  • Microfranchisees and microfinancing groups with focus on lifting individuals and communities out of poverty.

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Food Plant concept proposed as possible rooftop garden with greenhouse, aquaponics grow systems, cafe juice bar and retail store.
Bioponica's Super Giant grocery store design includes full integration of rain water, anaerobic digestion for methane to power and waste to fertilizer.
The greenhouse and anaerobic digester facility was conceptualized to support a grocery with high energy needs. With 10 tons of separated food waste being delivered to the site per day, energy and tipping fees would provide revenue of approximately $500,000 per year. Revenue streams also include produce, fish, earth worms, castings and liquid fertilizer.

Bioponica hopes this installation will come to fruition in 2015. Investors encouraged to contact us for details.