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Bioponica integrates the Biogarden™, Worm Farm™ and Liquid Fertilizer Machine™ into a sustainable Food Plant™.

The versatility, ease of operation and profitability of working with the Food Plant™ model makes it ideal for gardening. Particularly in settings that have limited resources of water, energy, labor and fertilizers.
Various components or configurations are adaptable to raising fish, plants, earthworms and fertilizer in almost any environment. The Food Plant™ concept gives rural farmers and urban gardeners the opportunity to become more efficient and produce a healthier food.
Ten Key Features of the Food Plant

Grows most all types of plants; ideal for high value crops.
Fertilizers produced on-site
Flood and drain grow beds host microbe ecsostems to improve fertility
Plants are nourished and hydrated automatically
Fish are fed organic biomass as it decomposes
Worm Farms convert excess biomass to income producing worms and castings
Modular units are 4’ x 20’ by 2 or 3 levels high
Systems are rugged, easily modifiable, and purposed for all-weather conditions
Consumes waste and never discharges nutrient containing water or biomass solids.
Collects, stores and uses rainwater

The greenhouse layouts below are configurations that Bioponica has been working on for the company itself, its clients and prospects.
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Ponce City Market Design Concept Food Giant Proposal
Cost $1.00
Cost $1.00