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Aquarium Aquaponics and Bioponics

Bioponica has been doing research with its Biogarden and aquarium tanks to study the behavior of fish and the use of abundantly available biomass as a natural organic fish meal.

Biogarden users find it exciting that they can fertilize their fish tank and turn it into a natural pond environment. In a natural aquarium, fish have feed available to them at all times as the abundant web of life is continuously providing nourishment through regeneration and bioconversion.

Enjoy the simple process of growing plants with bioponics using an aquarium sized Biogarden. Ideal for classrooms, homeowners who travel frequently and low maintenance high performance natural fish tanks.

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Aquarium Aquaponics Biogarden 12" Aquarium Aquaponics Biogarden 18"
Cost $215.00
Savings: $24.00
Cost $221.00
Savings: $24.00
Aquarium Biogarden  1 square foot aquaponic kit Aquarium Biogarden 1.5' square foot aquaponic kit
This aquaponics system provides 1 square feet of growing area and yields 12 lbs of lettuce per year. This aquaponics system provides 1.5 square feet of growing area and yields 18 lbs of lettuce per year.