Soil-less Farming Systems

Bioponica™ is a green technology company pioneering sustainable agriculture systems for increasing yield while improving conservation and altering the way greenhouse and urban farming is practiced. 

Through hands on experience, research and design Bioponica has developed a means and method of sustainable agriculture. The company offers an environmentally sound alternative to the not-so-organic-hydroponic use of manufactured fertilizers and the not-so-healthy choice of manufactured fish feeds commonly used for raising edible fish such as tilapia, shrimp and crawfish. This is all possible when we employ closed loop nutrient cycling. Without much more than a well built soil-less grow system and low tech anaerobic digester we can go from common household waste, to liquid fertilizer. 

Engineering Farming Ecosystems for Sustainable Energy, Fertilizer and Food Production 

Our goal is to improve the art and science of sustainable farming. Bioponica™ is owned and operated by founders David Epstein, D.O., a holistic family physician and Kenneth Lovell, P.E., a civil and environmental engineer. Their sustainability, science and engineering approach pioneers new methods in closed loop food production ecosystems. While never before attempted on a commercial scale, this opportunity has literally been under the feet of growers since the beginning of time. 

Bioponicas™ patent-pending soil-less growing systems are similar to but unique from hydroponics and aquaponics. 

They are soil-less and support hydroponic NFT, Ebb and Flow as well as Deep Water Raft Culture. The systems also accommodates fish as with aquaponics. However, with a bioponic approach, the nutrients are derived from sources of green manure that may be derived from local waste sources. The Bioponica systems and process represents an alternative to conventional farming with an underlying message that it is no longer necessary to rely on manufactured fertilizers, feed or municipal water to support entire growing needs. 

Bioponica’s Mission is to promote sustainable living through food and water self sufficiency, to make it widely available to individuals, educational institutions and commercial growers worldwide. 

In addition to our Grow Tables and Soil-less Growing Systems, Bioponica can help with:
  • Operation and Maintenance Greenhouse selection and positioning 
  • Solar panel cost and return estimates 
  • Site specific water needs and storage capacity requirements 
  • Waste management 
  • Nutrient conversion rates to plant fertilizer, vermicomposting, worms, duckweed, other animal feeds and vegetables Production yield estimates, revenue, profits and return on investment